ORYX GTL celebrated Qatar's National Sports Day in a grand fashion by organizing a wide range of sports and fitness activities on Tuesday, February 12th. The Al Khraytiyat Sports Club was the principal venue for the celebration. In keeping with the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the celebration was focused on promoting healthy living through exercises and a healthy lifestyle. ORYX GTL partnered with the Al Kharyati club to host several outdoor sports and recreational activities to cater for different age groups. This celebration encouraged physical exercise and healthy lifestyle, strengthening social bonds between employees and their families. It also gave them the opportunity to engage in their favorite sports and enjoy a fulfilling day away from their routine work environment.

The sports and fitness activities ranged from stretches, table tennis, football match, warm-up track and field, 5km walkathon amongst several others. The children were not left out in the excitement; slides, bouncy castles, exciting games and several other activities made their day memorable. Special ORYX GTL branded caps, travelling bags; kids' toys were part of the gifs distributed to all participants. ORYX GTL's CEO showed up in the spirit of sportsmanship, participated in the walkathon, encouraging all the participants and commenting on the positive health benefits of engaging in regular sporting and fitness activities. The CEO Reiterated ORYX GTL's total committed to Qatar's National Vision 2030 as well as the wellbeing and safety of its employees and the community in general. The Management of Sasol also participated in the sports activities and competitions, winning great prizes too!.

Days before the National Sports Day Celebration, internal health campaigns were held in ORYX GTL which focused on Ergonomics, 'simple steps to add fitness into your day' and 'simple steps to a low cholesterol lifestyle'. In line with this campaign, a basket of fruits was presented to every ORYX GTL employee to encourage healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. ORYX GTL also collaborated with the GULF Times Publication to launch a nationwide campaign on Ergonomics; circulating along with the Daily Gulf Times Newspaper, an ORYX GTL branded Ergonomics bulletin titled:' Stay Healthy and Fit in your Work Environment'; Introducing simple stretches, exercises and tips to encourage people to track their fitness regime thus ensuring a healthy work atmosphere and supporting Qatar in its developmental strides. The weather was great and the National Sports Day was a huge success. ORYX GTL was proud to be actively involved in the National Sports Day and to contribute towards sustainable development through sports, aligning with Qatar's National Vision 2030 and raising awareness amongst ORYX GTL employees on the importance of sports for a healthier life. ORYX GTL: Supporting Fitness and a Healthier Community!