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Develop and implement several strategies of the Advanced Process Control (APC) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) activities that best fit ORYX GTL multiple demands so as to track, monitor and improve performance through effective decision making processes. Supervise the implementation of improvements and maintenance activities connected to the performance of process analysers.


Strategy Formulation and Implementation:

Contribute to the formulation and implementation of the Advanced Process Control (APC) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and analysers’ functional strategy and plans as appropriate to the department needs and objectives.

Advanced Process Solutions and Manufacturing Execution Systems Procurement Process:

  • Oversee the evaluation of the technical aspect during the procurement of APC, MES and analysers resources and its related activities whilst adhering to the ORYX GTL policies to ensure an effective delivery of quality goods and/or services in a cost effective manner.
  • Supervise the evaluation of the technical aspect of APC, MES and analysers procurement activities and their related service providers through the request for proposal developments or competition invitation documents, as required, in order to adhere to ORYX GTL needs.
  • Ensure the search, initiation of contact and short listing process with regard to the technical aspect of the APC, MES and analysers service providers in order to gain an in-depth understanding of their respective delivery capabilities.

Integrity of Plant Data:

  • Develop and implement alternative data collection strategies in order to ensure an uninterrupted availability of data.
  • Ensure the effective supply and collation of real time data to ensure data integrity and further interpretations as required.
  • Oversee troubleshooting of base level interfacing activities in order to ensure a timely collection and access to data.
  • Oversee the adequacy of back up of ORYX GTL process soft data to facilitate future accessibility.

Advanced Process Controls Strategy Management:

  • Arrange implementation and liaison of APC to ensure plant stability and an increase in production levels.
  • Oversee the identification and troubleshooting of existing non-stable control loops on plant equipment in order to stabilise production.
  • Ensure re-engineering of control philosophies opting for cost efficiencies.

Manufacturing Execution Systems Strategy Management:

  • Is responsible for the development and maintenance of user interfaces for various user inputs in order to ensure accessibility to concerned parties.
  • Support liaison with various End Users in order to ensure capturing and interpreting their various requirements.
  • Is responsible for planning and incorporation of the LIMS process onto current MES systems in order to ensure a seamless integration.
  • Assure the development, customisation and maintenance of applications in order to ensure effective decision making processes and plant performance monitoring.
  • Oversee the liaison and support activities in relation to the LIMS workflow with laboratory personnel in order to ensure effective time and scheduling processes are maintained.

Analysers Strategy Management:

  • Facilitate the development of maintenance strategies for new and/or existing equipment.
  • Supervise the coordination of activities between the Analyser Engineering, Production and the various licensors to quantify plant performance in order to achieve quality design performance.

Management Reporting and Ad-hoc Project Representation:

  • Ensure on-going reporting to superiors in order to keep them abreast with regard to MES, APC and analysers processes.
  • Support on demand MES, APC and analysers related initiatives in order to ensure various ad-hoc requirements foreseen by ORYX GTL are met.

Advanced Process Solutions and Manufacturing Execution Systems Service Level Agreements and Visualisation of Data:

  • Ensure Service Level Agreements with various vendors / contractors are followed up in order to ensure an effective communication and compliance with ORYX GTL respective needs.
  • Assure the outsourced APC, MES and analysers projects are followed up according to the desired outcome in order to ensure a timely completion of the project at hand.
  • Monitor the adherence to customer service standards in order to resolve complaints in an effective manner.


Minimum Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
  • Master Degree is an advantage.

Minimum Experience: 6 – 8 years of experience working with APC/MES applications in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Job Specific Skills:

  • Advanced process controls
  • Manufacturing execution systems
  • Quality management systems
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Operations systems
  • Time management
  • People management skills
  • Planning and organizing
  • Communication skills


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