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Provide engineering expertise for the elimination of defects in the process online analyser and Fire and Gas detection systems. Implement continuous improvements in order to maintain and monitor  the performance of process analysers. Ensure high level of integrity and complete compliance with international standards applicable to equipment, processes and installations.


Maintenance Strategies:

  • Develop maintenance strategies for new equipment and/or existing equipment.
  • Collate all SAP data Catalog profiles and maintenance feedback to review and improve equipment strategies.
  • Review and update maintenance plans and maintenance items
Analyser Engineering Procurement Process:

  • Evaluate the Analyser Engineering resources procurement and its related activities – from a technical aspect – whilst adhering to the ORYX GTL policies to ensure an effective delivery of quality goods and / or services in a cost effective manner.
  • Evaluate of the Analyser Engineering procurement activities and their related service providers – from a technical aspect – through the request for proposal developments or competition invitation documents, as need be, in order to adhere to ORYX GTL needs.
  • Assist in the that the search, initiation of contact and short listing process with regard to the technical aspect of the Analyser Engineering service providers is conducted with due diligence in order to gain an in-depth understanding of their respective delivery capabilities.
Plant Performance:

  • Coordinate activities between Analyser Maintenance, Engineering, Process engineers, Production, Laboratory and the various licensors to quantify plant performance in order to achieve quality design performance.
  • Identify and troubleshoot of various plants non-performance in order to propose effective corrective measures through the necessary root cause analysis.
Analyser Engineering Quality Control:

  • Carry out the attestations and monitoring of contractors with regard to design, implementation and execution of projects under purview effectively in order to ensure alignment of the design intent with the expected quality standard engineering practices.
Analyser Engineering Business Development and Support.

  • Follow up on the provision of support evaluations to the Business Development and Support (pre-feasibility), as well as, Analyser Engineering (feasibility) business plans to ensure proposals are based on appropriate assumptions and plant data.
Management Reporting and Ad – hoc Analyses:

  • Ensure the on-going reporting to superiors in order to keep them abreast and informed with regard to the Analyser Engineering activities status.
  • Analyse various Analyser Engineering methodologies whereby the next best alternative is utilised in favour of ORYX GTL.
Analyser Engineering Service Level Agreement Mitigation:

  • Coordinate the implementation of Service Level Agreements with various departments in order to ensure an effective communication and compliance with their respective needs.
Safety, Quality and Environment:

  • Adhere to relevant safety, quality and environmental procedures, instructions and controls so that the safety of employees, quality of products / services and environmental compliance can be guaranteed.

Minimum Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical “light”/ Instrumentation Engineering.
  • Certificate in Analyser Engineering is an advantage.
  • Online/Distance degrees will not be acceptable.

Minimum Experience:

  • 4 – 5 years in a similar position in the Oil and Gas Industry.

    Job Specific Skills:

  • Analyser Engineering
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Health and safety systems
  • Fire and gas detection systems
  • Quality management systems
  • Operations systems
  • Time Management
  • Communication skills
  • Planning and organizing


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