gasal-successfully-starts-supplying-oxygen-to-oryx-gtlStarting up of the new Air Separation Unit to serve Ras Laffan

GASAL Q.S.C., the joint venture between Air Liquide, Qatar Petroleum and Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC) is proud to announce the successful start-up of its new Air Separation Unit (ASU) in Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar.

In September 2009, ORYX GTL Ltd, the world’s largest operating Gas to Liquid (GTL) plant located in Ras Laffan, and GASAL signed a long-term Oxygen Supply Agreement to enable ORYX GTL to increase its production capacity of highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly GTL diesel. GASAL invested US$70 million in this new unit.

The new ASU, which has a daily production capacity of 750 tons of oxygen and 900 tons of nitrogen per day, now supplies Oxygen to ORYX GTL and will also be the base for gaseous nitrogen supply to GASAL’s nitrogen pipeline network, initiated to reliably and safely serve the existing and future operating companies in Ras Laffan Industrial City.
GASAL’s management is extremely satisfied that the project was executed on time, within an extremely tight schedule of 15 months, and that completion was achieved with « ZERO » Lost Time Injury (LTI).

It demonstrates and underlines the capabilities, experience and strengths of GASAL and Air Liquide Engineering, the main contractor in this project, in realizing major projects in Qatar.
First Oxygen molecules were delivered to ORYX GTL plant on 2010 Qatar’s National Day (i.e. 18th December 2010) and the supply has been reliable from day one.

Abdulrahman Al-Suwaidi, Chief Executive Officer of ORYX GTL, commented: “The startup of the oxygen supply facility reinforces the growth and development of ORYX GTL. Gasal has proven to be ideally suited to fill our growing oxygen demand. This event not only marks the successful commercial relationship with Gasal, but also demonstrates ORYX GTL’s support to the broader Ras Laffan initiative. As a Qatari company, ORYX GTL is pleased to be able to support other Qatari ventures and believe this will be a mutually beneficial relationship.”
Christian Last, Chief Executive Officer of GASAL Q.S.C., explained: “With this new, large scale project in Ras Laffan, GASAL contributes to the Qatar National Vision 2030, providing self sufficient and reliable supply of oxygen, nitrogen and argon to the Qatari industry. Oxygen and Nitrogen will be produced locally and delivered by pipeline – Over The Fence – to End Users in Ras Laffan, significantly reducing the truck traffic and improving the safety around Qatar’s hydrocarbon industry. GASAL reached a solid base to further support the rapidly growing needs of our long-term customers in this key industrial basin.”