By support of ORYX GTL, Qatar Diabetes Association, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, declares its inauguration of a series of twelve (12) educational short videos of cartoon during the press conference held recently in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel – Doha, as this group of films aims to focus on all school diabetic students.

These videos will be an educational tool for the children and adults in order to achieve more awareness on Diabetes in general. They also give recognition at a glance on how to deal with the disease in the specified ways.

These videos will be circulated in schools to understand the needs of the diabetic students and promote their rights in schools to ensure their gain of all educational experiences like the rest of students of their fellows in order to achieve success academically and socially.
They will be circulated via social networks and via cinemas for easy and fast delivery of desired message beyond these clips for all community individuals and decision makers.

Mr. Ismail Al Khabani, HSE Manager in ORYX GTL in his speech he delivered in the conference: “We in ORYX GTL are very proud of our care of such valuable and wonderful works through Qatar Diabetes Association and we are also pleased by providing support to the patients and their families and increasing the awareness on the effect of diabetes and its dangers. We also always strive for the constructive engagement in such humanitarian programs in addition to supporting the process of economic and social revival in our beloved country, Qatar.

This project is considered a part of the long term strategy of ORYX GTL for social responsibility which copes with the 2030 national vision of Qatar.”

Dr. Abdullah Al Hamak, president of Qatar Diabetes Association said: “Based upon believe of Qatar Diabetes Association in the importance of insuring the rights of our children suffering from diabetes, we started with the school as it represents the first stage of the life of the children as they spend therein long time in which they need continuous and close care, and therefore the association has launched the initiative of “Rights of the diabetic student” that we started to execute since 2005.

He added, “we in the association started to prepare an integral program insures the protection and care of this category within the school campus aiming to achieve two basic and necessary goals in the schools, and they are that the diabetic students are safe and protected medically in the school and that this category receives the same academic chances and non-class activities. I am very pleased and thankful for ORYX GTL for their faith in this belief in this program as they continued their support from the beginning until it is crowned by issuing these films promoting the awareness of people on the rights of the diabetic students”.

ORYX GTL and Qatar Diabetes Association strive continuously to be one of the main contributors in making the beloved Qatar more happy and healthy and this wonderful cooperation with the people of interest will help them achieve this great aim.