ORYX GTL Limited held its biannual forum ‘TAWASOL DAY’, under the patronage of ORYX GTL CEO, Sheikh Thani Bin Thamer Al Thani, and in the presence of all its Qatari managers and employees.

The event was dedicated to Qatari employees, as part of ORYX GTL program aimed to communicate with them, bringing them closer to senior management, providing a forum to discuss their concerns and to follow-up on their training and development schemes.

The staff also presented their suggestions and inquiries communicating openly about a vast range of topics. The CEO, along with the chiefs, managers, and head of sections answered the inquiries and committed to review certain issues that were raised in the discussion in order to present suitable solutions accordingly.

In addition to that, ‘Certificates of Appreciation’ were presented to outstanding employees across all fields of work to acknowledge their commitment and encourage them to continue their good work.

The meeting also included a wonderful and enriching lecture from Mr. Salah Al Yafei, titled “Inspirational Motivation,” which gave advice and guidance to all attendees on how to become an actor in the community, and the ways in which you must follow in order to achieve your aspirations.