oryx-gtl-recognises-awsaj-academy-honorary-students-group-picORYX GTL, in conjunction with Awsaj Academy recently held an honorary awards ceremony to celebrate and reward some students of Awsaj academy-(a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development) for their outstanding academic achievements.

The ORYX GTL Honoree Award recognizes students in grades 10-12 who have demonstrated proficiency in English, Mathematics and Science. Under the current eligibility criteria, students must earn a cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.5 or higher in Math and Science; 2.85 or higher in their other disciplines; and an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of at least 5.5. This year, ORYX GTL presented 11 students with a certificate of achievement and a gift to honor them for their hard work and success in school. The ceremony, held at Awsaj Academy campus in Doha, was attended by representatives from ORYX GTL and Awsaj Academy staff members, parents and students.

Dr. Don Francis, Secondary School Principal of Awsaj Academy, stated that the honored students were striving to fulfill the profile of an Awsaj Graduate by demonstrating literacy in English and Arabic, compassion and hard work. He also stressed the importance of the partnership with ORYX GTL, the Honoree Program sponsor, and the company’s value in promoting the academic growth of students through the funding of various academy activities and projects.

oryx-gtl-recognises-awsaj-academy-honorary-studentsMajid Al Hajri, Learning and Development manager at ORYX GTL, said, “By co-founding Awsaj Academy’s Honoree Program ORYX GTL is recognizing the outstanding academic talent within our partner institution, and the tremendous potential it holds for the long-term economic future of our country. Some of these honored students will be the nation’s business leaders and technocrats of tomorrow, and at ORYX GTL we also hope some will pursue careers with us.”

As part of its further commitment to recognizing academic excellence and nurturing outstanding talent, one of the 11 students will receive a scholarship from ORYX GTL covering the cost of up to four years of university or college tuition. The ORYX GTL 2013 scholar will be announced and awarded at Awsaj Academy’s annual graduation ceremony on Wednesday, 5 June, where ORYX GTL’s CEO, Abdulrahman Al Suwaidi will present an Excellence Award and scholarship to the best student in recognition of such excellent academic achievements.