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  • ORYX GTL Supports Qatar Red Crescent

    ORYX GTL has pledged today a donation to Qatar Red Crescent. The grant is to finance the campaign Gates of Goodness in Ramadan 1429 Hegria along with other charity projects including Child Cardiac Operations and Eye operations.ORYX GTL Supports...

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  • ORYX GTL ORYX GTL Qatari Ladies’ Forum

    Educating people on HIV and Aids The Aids-awareness presentation at the female employees of Standard Chartered and ORYX GTL at Standard Chartered Bank in conjunction with the Qatari Ladies Forum of ORYX GTL, held a presentation on Living with...

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  • ORYX GTL Plant – First Product Produced

    The ORYX GTL plant has successfully completed the start-up of the final process unit and has produced final GTL product. Chris Turner, General Manager of ORYX GTL said: “Since construction of the plant was completed, we have been following...

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